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Divided by so many glorious guitar sounds over the years, I needed an instrument to realize my musical calling without the need to change instruments on stage.

Necessity being the mother of invention. I designed the Dickson DN-2 in 2006 and handcrafted the instrument with Hideko in Tokyo that same year.

My goal was to design a Hollow body, Twin neck guitar that combines elements of arch top jazz guitar construction with elements of classical guitar construction allowing me the option of switching from a Jazz sound to a Spanish sound or a library of synthesized sounds within a piece of music via a simple flick of a switch.

I sincerely hope I have been able to create sounds I wouldn't have found with traditional guitars and thus introduce myself directly to previously unexplored musical horizons.


Guitar Necks Uncarved with Matching Fingerboard Deciding the Neck Spacing for playing comfort Designing the Front Face Front Face Template Prototype in rough plywood

Carving the recess for the side joint Finished heel Heel Top View

Prototype of Front and Sides in Rough Ply Prototype of Front and Sides in Rough Ply with Necks and Fingerboards The first rough view assembled Custom Truss Rod Parts to be assembled Assembled Truss Rod

Shaping the Head Head Veneer Selection Gluing Veneers My home made Neck Stand

Headstock ready for Binding Finished Heads Heads with Truss Rods Gluing Front Plates with home made Gluing bench

Sound Hole Routing Sound Hole Inlays Inlayed Sound Hole Cutting out the Sound Hole Cut out Sound Hole

Designing F Hole and Pickup placements Rough Look of where we are heading! Cutouts for Electric pickups Cutout for Sid West Classical Pickup Back Inlay

Rough Assembley of Front, Back and Sides Back View With Necks attached My home made"Goo Bench" Gluing the Braces

Plaining the Braces to shape Front Face Braces Completed Back before Bracing Bracing the back

Gluing Back Bracing My Home made Bending Pipe Made from builders scafolding pipe and 500yen Gas burner Close up of my home made bending pipe Bending sides to Shape

My home made Mold My home made Clamps made from rough timber and 1/4 inch bolts and wing nuts  

Gluing Kerford Linings to the sides Gluing Kerford Linings to Neck Joint using Plastic Clothes Pegs Shaving Braces down to fit the sides on to Front Face Gluing the Necks to the Front Face Gluing the Sides to the Front Face

  Front, Sides and Necks assembled Ready to glue the Back on Gluing the Back

Routed back ready for Bindings Cutting out Binding slots for Neck joint Gluing the Bindings and Purflings to the Front

Bindings and Purflings tapedown to hold them in place Bindings and Purflings tapedown for the back Purflings glued to sides of Fingerboard Gluing Fingerboards to the Necks Sanding the Fingerboards

Fretting the Fingerboards Masked Fingerboards ready for Fret dress Fret dressing

Gluing the Classical Bridge on to the Front Face Chosen Mahogany pieces for Preamp Cradle Finished Preamp Cradle and Brass Plate Cutout in the top side to house the Cradle Finished Cradle ready to be glued

Gluing the Cradle to the side Japanese Grain Filler "Tonoko" I will be using before applying the base coat of Lacquer Notice the White shade after the first neck has been grain filled Brushing on one of many Base coats of Lacquer

Spraying one of many finish coats of Spray Lacquer Lacquerd Guitar hanging to dry Dried and Ready to Cutback and Polish

Assembling and Wiring the Electric Pickups etc. Ready to be Played!  

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