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Born in Bangalore, India he had his first musical calling at the age of six. He would assemble an overturned plastic basin, a bucket and a light shade as a cymbal and play on them with his mothers' knitting needles for hours, to records like the Bill Blacks Combo, Chet Atkins, Jim Reeves and Dave Brubeck. He would spend hours at social events listening to and watching a local 40's big band, called Eddie and his Rhythm Stars. Later, school life gave him an opportunity to lead the school brass band. At thirteen, in high school, he joined a band called The Night Rocks and had his first taste of live work. At sixteen he joined an established band called, Four Track, and played country and jazz music professionally every night on contract at the local five and three star hotels. He then continued to work professionally with another locally successful band called The Wild Cherries.

However, at age eighteen, he changed careers and trained in the catering industry but a twist of fate had him back in music and show business at the end of his training as the company needed a disc jockey for their night club. Back in showbiz Peter deejayed at the KnockOut Disco for about two years. To fulfill his dream of the world stage he left India and went to London . He continued to compose his original music, besides working building microwave coils, furnace work, carpentry, building, plumbing and sales to survive. However living in London, Peter was introduced to the music of Maestro flamenco guitarist Paco De Lucia, a man of great technique, emotion, passion and natural musical ability.

Inspired by the music of this great man, Peter spent his evenings practising acoustic guitar. After a year of continuous practise Peter introduced his new-found ability to the jazz/flamenco acoustic scene, working with local guitarists, also using his vocal skills singing country music at the Texas Lonestar in Bayswater, London.

Peter left the UK to reside in Australia in late 1986. On his arrival to Melbourne he worked as a chef in the Star Hotel in South Melbourne at night. However, he spent his days busking at the Bourke Street Mall in a duo he formed with local Spanish guitarist, Juan Martinez.The duo known as DicksonMartinez at the time recorded a duo guitar album called 'Just The Two Of Us' which sold in excess of ten thousand copies

In early 1989 Peter was approached by Hollywood Film Music maestro, Tony Montana to put the music to a Hollywood film called 'Flair' starring Joan Collins. Tony worked with Peter on the film at the Channel Nine Studios in Melbourne.

Performing in a duo in 1991 with virtuoso guitarist, Robert Bratetich called Duo Rasgado. Robert and Peter recorded a tape called "Journey" which sold five thousand copies.

In 1992 Peter Dickson recorded the theme for the Barcelona Olympic Coverage for the Seven Television Network in Australia.

Peter formed the band Europa in mid 1993 to re-employ his long shelved vocal abilities this time singing in Spanish. He produced "Europa, Between Two Worlds" a vocal album which was ahead of its time as the material on the album could be some of the early attempts to fuse English lyrics to Latin composition, a fusion which is now very common . The band was very successfull and sold five thousand copies of the album at gigs alone.

After three years with the band, he re-established Dickson/Martinez. The success of the duo led to a major signing with MRA Music Group, an Australian world music record label. MRA took the album "Dickson/Martinez, Flamenco Falsettas" and marketed it across Australia .The album became so successful it sold over sixty thousand copies and became the tenth most quick selling album in Australia, reaching Aria chart positions of twenty in Victoria, eight in Queensland, thirty six in NSW and twenty in South Australia. The success of the albums introduced Peter to Maestro, Tommy Emanuel with whom he did three live appearances, and also supported on his national tours. He later recorded with Tommy on one of his albums released by Sony Australia

Peter Dickson has toured and performed with the legendary Martin Taylor at the Hobart Concert Hall in Tasmania playing material of the great Django Reinhart.

Peter launched his solo career with the release of his first solo album self produced and recorded in August 1999 in Melbourne, Australia titled 'EastWest' available on the Lotus Music Label (catalog 101). He played all instruments on this recording fusing Spanish guitar with Indian percussion.This album is the most popular recording of Peter Dickson and has sold in excess of twenty thousand copies in Australia,UK,USA, Japan and India.

Besides recording eastwest in 1999, Peter approached Brandon lewis a gipsy swing guitarist in Australia to record a Gipsy jazz Album in the style of the great Django Reinhardt. The result being a two guitar album titled 'Gipsy Fingers'. The evenings recordings were live and the feel of the album reflects that. Most of the songs are hot club favourites besides a few original pieces of the duo.

Relocating to Sydney in late 1999 he traveled to India in early 2000 to record his next solo album with leading Carnatic Musicians in South India and finished the recording in Sydney featuring Steve Hunter on bass from the Chick Corea band. Peter titled the album Talking to God (Lotus catalogue 102) a brilliant fusion of east and west.

Returning to India in 2001, Peter had the opportunity to record a live concert of his indian fusion band featuring Sumarani on sitar, M. Subramanyam on tanpura, Satish Raj on drums, Anoor Shivu on Tablas and Sreenevas Murthy on Ghatam. The album is titled ' Live in India ' (Lotus catalogue 103).

Back in Sydney 2003 Peter started preparing material for his solo guitar album titled ' Alone with You ' (Lotus catalogue 105). Released in late 2003 Peter started touring to promote the album and travelled to India to perform at the Shillong Jazz Festival in north east India along with Louis Banks India's premier jazz pianist.

In March 2004 Peter toured Japan performing solo concerts with his special guest Geoffry Daniel from the band Shalamar and also a member of the Michael Jackson band.He then toured Singapore in July to perform at Jazz @ Southbridge, Singapores premier Jazz Club and also to do press and media interviews in Singapore. Pictures of the tour of Japan and Singapore can be viewed on the Career highlights page.

On his return to Sydney, Australia Peter continued his sell out performances with his all star band at the Manly International jazz Festival and The Crows Nest Festival.

In early March of 2005, Peter toured India and performed sell out concerts at the Alliance De Francaise in Bangalore, with his Indian Fusion Band (See reviews on the Press and Media page )

Following his tour of India Peter toured Malaysia in late March 2005.He performed a concert at the BackYardPub in Kuala Lumpur with the world renound jazz guitarist Farid Ali (see Press and Media page for malaysian press reviews).

On his return to Australia in April 2005.Peter performed solo concerts at the Crows Nest Plaza and Ritz carlton ,Sydney.

In early June of 2005 Peter returned to Japan on a promotional tour and to record an Album of traditional Japanese songs, collaborating with Kanae Nozawa on the niko a traditional chinese instrument to be released in February of 2006 by Sony Japan. This recording was produced by the famous Noriyuki Asakura who is a respected J'pop composer and producer who is also most famous for the music composition of the Sony Play Station Games.(See pictures on career highlights)

Peter Dickson is scheduled to perform at the Yaounde Music festival in Cameroon, Africa in early december 2005. He will return to Bangalore, India to perform a concert at the Chowdiah Memorial Concert hall in early Jan 2006. Peter is also scheduled to perform in Bangkok, Thailand (to be confirmed) in late Jan 2006 on his way back to Australia, where he hopes to have some time to finish recording some of his new albums at his studio in Sydney

In March 2006 Peter will perform solo at the Global Table Festival in Sydney, Australia. Before he returns to Japan for a national promotional tour in May to November 2006 and to perform a series of mini concerts for Sony, Tokyo. He will also perform at Bankinya Club in Akihabara Tokyo (see career highlights).

After the performance shedule is complete in Tokyo Peter will begin construction on his second twin neck hollow body classical/Jazz guitar with synth access (Dickson Guitars Model No DN-2) to be built at his Tokyo workshop. The bulding process of this guitar will be documented in pictures and info, to be uploaded on the website soon. The Dickson DN-2 will also be featured on the new album to be recorded at Big Buddha Recording Studio, Sydney Australia from May 2007 to be released in late 2007.

The Dickson DN-2 guitar now completed is featured on Peter's new Album 'Imagine This' and the building process has been documented in the Luthier Notes pages . The Album launch in May 2008 at the' Vanguard' in Sydney was an intimate evening of music from the new album and a live demonstration of the capabilities of the Dickson DN-2.

A follow up concert at the Paddo RSL Auditorium in Sydney on the 25th of July 2008 will feature the DN-2 again before Peter leaves Australia on the 30th July 2008 on tour of Noumea New Calidonia to Perform at the Noumea Live Festival. He will tour New Caledonia with the ' Peter Dickson Trio ' featuring Jose Zarb on rythm guitar and Hideko on percussion. The trio will perform Nine concert dates from the 31st July to the 9th of August 2008.

Back in Sydney after a successfull tour of New Caledonia and a feature on the cover of 'Who' Noumea plus sell out audiences at the shows. Peter will perform solo at the Manly Wharf Hotel every second wednesday from 7pm till the end of Dec 2008.(See gig guide for details)

After a much needed rest Peter will tour India and Malaysia over March,April 2009. He will perform one concert at the Alliance Franchaise De Bangalore with his 'Indian fusion Band' and two concerts in Kuala Lumpur with an all star Line up featuring ' Farid Ali' on 'Gambus' and 'Beyonce Knowles' Keyboardist ' Rie Tsuji ' . The allstar band will play two shows one at the Backyard Pub and the other at the Waikiki Bar KL (see gig guide for details)

May 2009 and talk of a return tour to India and Malaysia and the Middle East by public demand. Peter is currently scheduling return dates to India and Malaysia to be scheduled around the Pennang Jazz Festival. (see highlights and home page for pics,videos and reviews)

Peter's Life and music Career will be featured in the International Magazine ' Anglos in the Wind ' a celebration of being AngloIndian. His sister Wendy Dickson a gifted and famous writer has just published a book of short essays titled ' A Hint Of Jacaranda ' Recollections Of Beauty in the Ordinary. This special publication also celebrates the unique fortune of being born AngloIndian. International orders of A Hint Of Jacaranda are available from

October 2009, having recorded a new solo guitar album titled 'Second Thoughts' over the Sydney winter . Peter will travel to Japan on a two week promotional tour of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Returning to Australia to launch 'Second Thoughts' his new solo guitar release in early 2010. He will be doing radio interviews on Eastside Jazz Radio 89.7 FM with Wally Wrightman and other media appearances to promote the new CD.

April 2010. After the passing of his mother 'Rose Dickson' a dedicated Mandolinist and Pianist Peter will travel to Bangalore, India to attend her funeral.

On route back to Australia from India. Peter stops over in Hong Kong on a four day visit. As always, Peter loves visiting local instrument shops on his tours to various countries. As a keen Luthier and somebody who designs and makes his own guitars and a personality that is always involved in pioneering the unusual. Peter wanders into a traditional chinese music instrument shop in downtown Hong Kong. Intrigued at trying out the various traditional instruments and inspired to employ their use in his fusion music ,with respect to their traditional tunings. He decides to purchase a 'Ruan' a traditional chinese four stringed instrument and a 'Liu Chien' a four stringed instrument closer to a regular Mandolin. On returning to the Hotel room ,Peter explores the possibilities of the new instruments in composition.

He decides on a new album titled 'Oriental Whisper'that will feature the the two new instruments in a Latin fusion context with respect to their traditional tunings and performance. Back in his studio in Sydney the next three months are dedicated to composing, recording producing and performing 'oriental whisper'.This time playing all instruments and audio engineering the whole project as personal memorial of his mother to whom the album is dedicated.

October 2010, and two months into its release 'Oriental Whisper' is being played on Eastside Radio 87.9FM and Northside Radio 93.7FM. Peter, has been busy with interviews and press promoting the new work. The album will be nominated to' ARIA' for a award in the world music category at the Australia Record Industry Awards 2011. 'Oriental Whisper' will also be released in Japan as a show case of Australian music .



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