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The Times of India

Bangalore, Tuesday, January 15, 2002 - Metro

At the age of six he started exploring rhytm. And now at 39, his concerts in Australia and Europe are a rage. Peter Dickson, born in Bangalore is all set to take the city by storm.

Peter always had the urge to create rhythms and fuse music. In his childhood days, he would spend hours playing on buckets with knitting needles to old jazz records. The result surprisingly was good! Peter now resides in Sydney and makes music for a living. His passion is now his profession and has taken him to the top of Australian charts.

"Rhythm to me is the soul of all life. From the first heartbeat of a baby to life around, everything moves to a rhythm. People respond to powerful rhythm and my strength is rhythm", Peter explains. "I try to tailor in soulful melody with rhythm".

Peter's music is a rare Indian rhythm structure that is merged with native Latin grooves and further enhanced with the art of Flamenco. This unique style has it's roots in Indian traditional music. Peter writes Western music notations and harmony, and adapts them to suit Indian percussion instruments. "It has a very Indian feeling to a Western melodic and harmonic structure", he says.

Peter attributes the deep emotional expression that oozes out of his music to his roots that are in Bangalore. "Musicians here play from the heart because it is a reflection of our constant exposure to life in all its dimensions. You see and feel pain, pleasure, success, depression and the entire spectrum of experience vividly. This sort of exposure is not common in the West. It encourages soulful expression and music", he elaborates.

He has nine albums and over a hundred compositions so far. His concerts typically begin with his guitar renditions accompanied by tabla and ghatam support. After a night raag sort of beginning, he moves into a whole range of Latin and jazz styles wit Indian percussion fused in to create melodies that blend the rhythms of the east and west. "My music gives Western audiences a feel of Indian rhythms in a music environment that is familiar to them", he says.

A good fourteen years after his first album, Peter is looking for a market at home. "My albums have done well abroad and I want to bring my music here, where it all started", he smiles. He is now in Bangalore to launch his albums in India and open up possibilities for concerts here.

So how does it feel coming back? "It's a walk down memory lane and an inspiration", he says. "The immense pace of development I see here inspires me and I want to be part of it". He plans to bring his entire troupe here shortly. "I work with some of the best players in the world and it will be a treat for the music lovers here", he says. He has performed with greats like Martin Taylor. Peter feels people here are very music literate and will follow the textures of fusion easily.

The man with a flair for fusion that Bangalore exported is back to share his creations that have captured the hearts of Australian and European audiences.



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