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CAT112  A$20.00

"Art from the heart" is dedicated to Peter's brother Roger and his sister Mary who recently passed away in the space of six months. The album was recorded over two countries, India and Australia. Originally composed in 2004. Art from the heart is uniquely Peter Dickson with his trade mark East west Latin fusion compositions.




CAT111  A$20.00

This Album is dedicated to Peter's mother who passed away in April of 2010. He has chosen to feature the Mandolin and Piano in this album. As these are the two instruments his mother enjoyed playing over her lifetime.




CAT110 A$20.00

Second Thoughts is a true solo guitar recording with no overdubs or second guitars. Peter’s challenge here was to create the fullness of a multilayered recording with just the solo instrument. The opening title track ‘Second Thoughts’ is a clear example of simultaneous bass lines and rhythm being played while the melody is being performed. ‘Anse Vata’ a song dedicated to the island of New Caledonia takes on a very island approach with a six eight rhythm. This song was composed in a hotel room on Peter’s recent tour of the island. ‘Perfect Blue’ is a composition inspired by the perfect blue sky we are so fortunate to have on most days here in Sydney. ‘Salsa Para Osaka’ written on a tour of Japan, back in 2002 is a salsa rhythm with fast passages a nd percussive rhythm sections within the arrangement.




CAT109   A$20.00

Peter's second solo album featuring his new double neck guitar the DN-2 Classical and Jazz combination with Synth access. Recorded at "Big Budda Studio" in Sydney.




CAT 105  A$20.00

Peter has recorded a solo guitar album, his ultimate challenge was to accomplish a finger style solo album executed with the one pick. The album has taken on a new sound of latin/funk and is a little different from his previous recordings.This album is now available for sale and you can here sample tracks from it soon in this window.This album also comes with a bonus video of Peter live in concert at Sydneys premier Jazz club Set Bay 4.




CAT 103   A$20.00

This is a live recording of Peter's compositions for this special trip in India. The musicians that make up this band are renownend Indian carnatic musicians that have come together to create a musical experience of east and west. The recording is Live and organized by Prabhu Samuel at Mohan Studios in Bangalore India. On sitar Sumarani,on Ghatam(clay pot) is Sreenivas Murthy on tablas Anoor Shivu, on tanpura M.Subramanyam and on drums Satish Raj. Experience the artistic integrity, superb speed technic and musical interaction between the musicians in this band.




CAT 102   A$20.00

This album is the ultimate in world music. The album was recorded between two countries, India and Australia and brings out the best of East West cross-over fusion. It features Steve Hunter on bass guitar, Sunil De Silva on percussion and from India, the best selection of Carnatic South Indian musicians on flute, percussion, violin and Indian classical vocal. It also features Peter's fretless classical guitar. A must have album if you already have "East West."




EAST WEST (1999)

CAT 101  A$20.00

After all these years of working with different styles of acoustic guitar, Peter's new goal was to accomplish his own style of Latin fusion guitar tailored with Indian percussion. The result being "EastWest", an album which Peter calls Indian Latin jazz. "EastWest" has Peter playing every instrument audible and was also recorded, mixed and mastered by him at his studio. "EastWest" is the most popular recordings of Peter Dickson and the most ordered currently.



CAT 106   A$20.00

Peter grew increasingly attracted to the gypsy hot club style of playing guitar pioneered by Django Reinhnardt, and was eager to record an album in this style. He approached an old friend of his Brandon Lewis to record in this style. The duo spent a few evenings recording live at Peters studio and came out with "Gipsy Fingers". Experience the virtuosity of the duo who play all different styles of gypsy music. This album has done very well and has sold in excess of 5000 copies at gigs alone in Sydney and Melbourne.





CAT 108    A$20.00

Based on the success of the original two guitar recording of "Falsetas" and the impressive sales that it achieved, attracted the attention of Daniel Augustenelli the boss of the 'Sanity' record chain of retail stores. Daniel offered to invest in the re-recording of the original "Falsettos" and promised to release the new version via his record shops. This was the opportunity for the duo to get their recordings out nationally. Dickson/ Martinez financed the re-recording of "Falsetas" in 1996 and the new "Flamenco Falsetas" was created. This re-recorded album once released nationally by sanity exploded in sales and sent the duo to the Aria top forty Nationally and had the duo flying around the country doing promotion, concerts and media appearances. See media for the coverage of this album. This album attracted the interest of Sony Music and EMI records but Peter and Juan decided to go with the MRA Music Group Australia's world music only label and signed "Flamenco Falsetas" for world wide release to the company.


EUROPA (1992)

CAT 107

Peter produced this album with his band Europa, a very successful popular band that packed venues in Melbourne for a period of two years, before they all pursued different musical directions. Europa had Peter Dickson on lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, Richard Tedesco on lead and rhythm guitars, Santiago Almada on lead vocals and percussion and Rodrigo Aravena on fretless bass.




JOURNEY (1991)

CAT 104

Recorded in 1990, this was a very special collaboration of two special guitarists who both travelled different musical paths to meet for this recording. Experience the guitar fire works between Peter Dickson and Robert Bratetich, a highly acclaimed latin jazz fusion guitarist.






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