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This is the new website of Australian guitarist and composer, Peter Disckson.


Australia’s oriental/indo/latin jazz fusion guitar maestro, Peter Dickson’s musical journey started in his teens, when he learned his skills in the jazz clubs of London, UK. Moving to Australia in 1986, Peter’s musical career has vaulted onto the world stage, with an impressive discography bridging multiple musical disciplines and genres in his 13 recorded albums.


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Alone with You (2002)   

Art from the Heart (2015)   

Between Two Worlds (1989) 

Eastwest (1999) 

Falsetas (1996) 

Gypsy Fingers (1999)

Imagine This (2007) 

Inner Voices (1996) 

Journey (1991

Live in India (2001) 

Oriental Whisper (2010) 

Second Thoughts (2010) 

Talking to God (2000) 


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